Thoughtful Dialogue and Socratic Seminars – Students’ reading comprehension

Paper, slides from keynote speach, and workshop at the Conference Philosophy of Education in Practice at Kharazmi University and at Shiraz University, October 2014.


Research about philosophy of education in action, used in schools as thoughtful, or Socratic, dialogues, shows that student abilities to read and analyze texts progress (Orellana, 2008, Pihlgren, 2008, Robinsson, 2006). The dialogue will help students to develop a sophisticated and identificatory reading. They will learn to organize their reading more systematic (Robinsson, 2006). Other communicative abilities will develop by using thoughtful dialogues, like listening to and understanding others, expressing and underpinning ideas in speech and writing, to cooperate with others, and to build on the ideas of others to develop ones’ own (Billings & Fitzgeralds, 2002, Pihlgren, 2008). The dialogue will also have effects on the ability to solve problems and think critically (Orellana, 2008).

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